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During this trip, you will discover the big South, in details and in depth.
Tuléar, begin the tour from Tuléar or vice versa from Fort-Dauphin.
From there, take the boat towards Anakao. This trip lasts approximately one hour before reaching the peninsula of Anakao. This place is simply magnificent: desert beach, the invitation to relaxation. From there, you begin to discover the big South.

By a sandy track, you move across Beheloka and Itampolo. You will have the opportunity to visit the national park Tsimanampetsotsa, which is in the southeast, and is at about 25 km of Beheloka.
Here you can find blind fishes called "Mitoho" in the caves.
You can find some pink flamingos around the lakes. Another striking characteristic of the area is the dry forest with baobabs. Within the area situated behind the bank of the lake, there is a particularly interesting fauna: the radiated tortoise.

We undertake a trekking over there and go back to the caves and to the nature swimming-pool.
We can see at the meantime the remains of the egg shells of the bird called "Aepyornis".
Then in the afternoon, we visit the old lighthouse and the southern point of Madagascar, with the statue of the Madonna.
Continue farther towards BERENTY. The houses of the Antandroy, an ethnic group and their burial places are very interesting. The track ends up in Ambovombe, the place where one has let the sandy runway behind himself.
The rest of the way is tar road; however they are sometimes in poor conditions.

With any chance, you spot on the way the dance of the Sifaka Lemur.
Nearby, there is the CAP SAINTE MARIE (at about 43km in the South of Tsihombe) a nature reserve, on a plateau, and is at about 50 m above the sea level.
With a surface of 800 ha, it is covered with thorny vegetation.
Animals, birds, plants, are all gathered in a single place.

The last stage of the journey is the trip towards Fort-Dauphin, the Malagasy Côte d’Azur.


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